Stacia Hang’s Story

Stacia Hang has been a resident of the Upper Perk area for 11 years and, along with her husband, Cam, is raising two children who attend school in Upper Perk. Professionally, Stacia works as an elementary school counselor in a neighboring school district. Personally, Stacia has endured many of the effects of addiction. Born to […]

FAQ for Memorial

What do I have to do to participate? All you really have to do is show up at 6 p.m. on September 14.   How many family members can participate? An unlimited number   Do I have to speak? No, you do not. But if you want to share your experiences, memories, thoughts, you are […]

Marissa’s Story

I’m Marissa, and I’m an addict. My clean date is April 5, 2017. I was a four year IV user and my drug of choice is Heroin. When I was a newcomer it really helped me to hear other people share their stories, so for my celebration, I’ll be sharing my story. Let’s start from […]

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