It doesn’t just go away…

Nuclear power can be a safe, sustainable energy source that reduces carbon emissions, and produces only steam, not the thick smoke of coal plants; however, there is one draw-back: it produces nuclear waste! This waste is dangerous, and cannot just be dumped in a landfill, it must be managed carefully or it will kill people. […]

A Story of Loss: Frank Hollister

Losing Chris was the most difficult thing I have gone through. Today, I realize how fortunate I was to have Chris as my son. Chris was happy, fun loving, caring, warm, organized, generous and hardworking.  He loved being a Dad and loved his 3 children and was deeply devoted to Laura and his three siblings.  As […]

A Story of Loss: Dana and Jane King

Is addiction a choice or a disease? I don’t know. What I do know is that addiction is a severe form of physical, mental, and emotional suffering. Judging those with addiction will not help them overcome it. They are humans, and they are in deep pain–and so are their families. Our son once dreamed of […]

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