Stacia Hang’s Story

Stacia Hang has been a resident of the Upper Perk area for 11 years and, along with her husband, Cam, is raising two children who attend school in Upper Perk. Professionally, Stacia works as an elementary school counselor in a neighboring school district. Personally, Stacia has endured many of the effects of addiction. Born to very young parents, Stacia grew up in Coatesville, PA and learned firsthand how addiction can ravage a family and cause great hardship for those who love the addict. As Stacia grew and her parents’ addictions worsened, key people in the school and community had a hand in helping her overcome the stressors and stigma related to being the child of addicts. Determined never to repeat the cycle of abuse and addiction, Stacia’s resiliency strengthened and now, many years later, she hopes to have a positive impact upon the lives of children and families through her work as a counselor and as an active member of the Upper Perk community.

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