A Story of Loss: Frank Hollister

Losing Chris was the most difficult thing I have gone through. Today, I realize how fortunate I was to have Chris as my son. Chris was happy, fun loving, caring, warm, organized, generous and hardworking.  He loved being a Dad and loved his 3 children and was deeply devoted to Laura and his three siblings.  As a child, I looked forward to seeing him interacting with his friends and classmates, attending his sporting events where he stood out as an athlete and creating so many family memories. As a young man as he and Laura created a family together, I admired how he raised and guided his daughter, Summer to the importance of school work and reading as well as being a strong, caring, honest, loving little girl. I’m sad that he will not be able to guide his two little boys as they attend school, coach them in baseball and basketball as he wanted to. Chris touch many people’s lives and is sadly missed by his family and friends.
I am glad Chris at the young age of 26 was able to experience being in a loving 11-year relationship with Laura and being a father of Summer, Rocco and Rex.
I’m a Father of 2 sons that battled addiction for years. Chris lost his life on Friday, May 26th, 2017 as he was preparing to leave that afternoon for a family trip to Knoebels for the Memorial Day weekend. My older son Shawn overdosed on Friday, July 8th, 2017 and was revived THANKS  to The Upper Perkiomen Valley Ambulance. 
Although Chris didn’t struggle as much as Shawn does, they still had a hard life and they both wanted to change their ways but once the addiction gets a hold of you it’s so difficult to beat it. Most of my experiences that I dealt with in regards to addiction was with my older son starting out in high school and continuing to this day. If you think your loved one has an addiction problem you should educate yourself on what the addiction issue is, reach out to the school, neighbors, doctor and their friends. (I can speak from experience the Upper Perkiomen High School was phenomenal and very supportive once I brought the issue to their attention the principal came to my house on a weekend to talk, along with many visits from a member of the coaching staff as well as phone calls from teachers.)  Protect your valuables including your vehicles and any prescription drugs in the house.  Don’t be too innocent and trusting, this is where I went wrong! Don’t get discouraged and or lose hope, there will so many obstacles that you will encounter. Control their money and don’t give out any allowances or money to go to the movies, dinner etc, they will shift the blame to you and tell you it’s your fault. Always be there for them, it’s a lonely place, depression, anger and behavior problems will surface and they need your support.
You are not alone there are so many families going through this, I recommend joining a local support group. I can’t tell you how many people have reached out to me within the past 10 weeks and told me their story.
There is an excellent nonprofit organization founded by Kim Hogan in Quakertown – Hope Against Heroin. Kim and her team focus on education, prevention, intervention, and recovery. www.hopeagainstheroin.us/

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